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Left for Dead - Frnt

The true story of a Pittsburgh Man, Joe Bellante, and his journey from organized crime to the ministry. "At the age of 10 Joe Bellante sees a bookies dining room table stacked with cash. He scans the bills, points to the bookie, and says to his dad, "I want to do what he does."
At age 20, Joe is a full-fledged member of organized crime in Pittsburgh. His job description his own words: "I do things to people."
At age 32, Joe lies in a hospital bed, fighting for his life after taking gunshots to the face from a fellow mobster and being "Left for dead. "A fast paced and gripping book that offers a rare inside glimpse of life in the mob as it really exists, not the glamourous view from the top, but a grittier view from the underbelly.
Based on true events, "Left for Dead" captures the sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always real moments of one man's journey from rebellion to ruin and revenge to redemption.


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"Left for Dead" by Sal Greco is the biography of Pittsburgh organized crime figure, Joe Bellante, and the assassination attempt that turned Joe's life around and set him on the road to the ministry in search of redemption. A clear-cut testimony of the hardships of survival and powerful pressures that mold life for good or ill. "Left for Dead" is highly recommended reading for anyone with an interest in the culture of American organized crime."

Midwest Book Review 2004


"Sal Greco understands how to tell a story. His real strength is in his ability to write convincing realistic dialogue. Reading the book, you can actually hear the voices of characters like Jake "The Wrench" and Tom "The Animal" as if you were right there with them. Greco's intricate detailing of everyday mob life makes this book all the more believable and therefore all the more enjoyable. The book ends up being an inspirational tale of a man who, after losing nearly everything, is able to turn his life around and live a life of example for others. Whether you're a fan of Mafia stories or not, this book will keep you entertained from cover to cover and more importantly, it will leave you feeling touched and inspired."

Valentine Brkich
eResource 2005


"Even when he was on the street, Joe never wanted to hurt anybody - unless they really deserved it. These days, he'll fight for your soul with the same strength he flexed in the bad old days. He's an American classic - the tough guy with a heart of gold who found redemption."

Joseph Sabino Mistick
Law Professor
Duquesne University

Joe & Sally Bellante


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