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memorial day shirts

Lawrenceville Memorial Day Parade T-Shirts
$10.00 each

Available in Navy Blue Only

Motor Speedway Seat Cushion

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Outdoor Vinyl Seat Cushion

$20.00 each

Item # MIS147

Left for Dead - Frnt

"Left for Dead" by Author Sal Greco

A biography of Pittsburgh organized crime figure, Joe Bellante, and his
journey from organized crime to the ministry.

A must read novel of intrigue and inspiration!

Price $12.95 each

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Leather Biker Jackets

Soft Leather Jackets
Zip in/out Fleece Lining

$150.00 each

Designs Available:
American Flag - Design on
Back and Sleeve
Item # MIS144C

American Flag & Eagle -
Design on Back & Front
Item # MIS145C

POW/MIA - Design on Back
& Front
Item # MIS146C


mirror  necklace

Mirror Necklace

$15.00 each

Item # MIS140J

U.S. Flag Earrings

$3.00 each

Item # MIS127E

U.S.A. Flag Earrings

$3.00 each

Item # MIS128E

U.S. Flag Earrings

$3.00 each

Item # MIS129E

U.S. Flag Earrings

$3.00 each

Item # MIS130E

U.S. Flag Earrings

$3.00 each

Item # MIS131E

Silver Plated Guitar Earrings

$5.00 each

Item # MIS132E

Silver Plated Comedy/Tragedy Earrings

$5.00 each

Item # MIS133E

Silver Plated Comedy/Tragedy Charms

$5.00 each

Item # MIS134J

Silver Plated Notes Earrings

$5.00 each

Item # MIS135E

Red-White & Blue Bracelet

$4.00 each

Item # MIS136J

Red Slipper Necklace

$8.00 each

Item # MIS137J

cap light

Flashing Cap Lights

$6.00 each

Item # MIS100N

pepper spraypepper spray

Pepper Spray Holsters w/ Pepper Spray Canister
For Wrist, Handlebars, Belts.
Available in Black, Steelers design or a Red Satin Oriental Design.
All 3 Designs Have Reflective Tape For Safety At Night.

Great For Joggers, Bikers and Hikers

$25.00 each

Item # MIS107N

Diit Da Jow Liniment

Ling's Liniment
Ling Dao Ren Dit Da Jow
Bruise/ Sprain/ Strain Liniment
2 Oz. Bottle

$9.95 Each

Item # MIS108

key storage

ShurLok Key Storage

Great for Real Estate Agents and Family Homes, Camps or Cabins

$23.00 Each

Item # MIS117

key storage

Master Lock Locking Key Storage
Set your own combination

$29.95 Each

Item # MIS118

Caller ID Box

AT&T Caller ID Boxes
Caller ID / Call Waiting
Keeps Record of Last 50 Calls

$10.00 Each

Item # MIS123

Antique Picture Frames

3 1/2" x 5" Antique Photo Frames
Available in Cherry, Peach & Lavender

$2.50 Each

Item # MIS126N






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